Text Box: Text Box: Text Box: Here are some Web sites that have been very helpful to me!  I hope you can also gather and use information from the sites.

Teacher’s Page

Go to Random Lake School District

Random Lake, Wisconsin


Text Box: Busy Teacher’s Café
Tons of Resources!

Smart Board Resources

Mosaic Teaching Tools

Free Phonics Worksheets
Second Grade Worksheets

Excellent Resource

Smart Cookies

Carl's Corner

Take Home Bags

Link to Literacy Centers

Technology Teacher Tools

Education World

Mrs. Bainbridge's Website

Personalized Books

Learning Centers


Mrs. Alphabet

Creating a Class Webpage

Lessons for Writer's Workshop
Mrs. Newingham's Site
Mrs. Zider's Web site
Word Bank & Flash Cards
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Word Wall

Word Centers

Spelling Centers

Spelling Strategies

Word Detective Cards

*Print Sand, Silt, and Clay sheets Back-to-Back

Lesson Plans